Aeration is the process of removing plugs of soil from your lawn.

Ever wondered how groundskeepers keep the golf course grass so healthy and lush?

One of their secrets is aeration. Aerating does several things that are beneficial to your grass. It improves drainage, opens up existing thatch, and improves the environment for microorganisms that naturally break down thatch. This combined effort allows water and oxygen to reach the grass roots, relieves soil compaction, and greatly improves the root system.

Aeration is essential for compacted soil.

Signs of compacted soil are: bare patches standing water after rain decreased grass vitality. To test for compacted soil, stick a screwdriver or pencil into the soil. If the soil is compacted this will be difficult to do. Aeration is also essential to reduce thatch problems.

Spring and fall are the best times to aerate.

Prices for aeration start in the $80 – $120 range for a typical 1/3 acre lawn. Discounts apply for multiple services. It is recommended that you fertilize immediately after aeration.

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