So Spring is here & you can’t wait till the ground is thawed & you can get your hands in the dirt. Now what to plant? Consider some of these beauties to get your early season gardening fix going.


Lilies are hardy, easy to grow & produce big, beautiful blooms. A classic garden staple that comes in such a wide variety you’ll be sure to find some that catch your eye.

Shasta Daisies

Once established Shasta Daisies require very little care, they tolerate most soil conditions, thrive in full sun & don’t mind a bit of shade. Being a compact plant they also require little space, so even with limited growing area you can find a place in your garden for these lovely perennials.


Also known as Ornamental Sage, this fun, funky plant comes in a wide variety of forms & colors, all of which are magnets for pollinators. Salvia looks great in almost any planting design from underplanting to mixed borders or for a lively addition to your patio garden.


A cottage garden favorite loved for its silver-green foliage & textured flowers. With reblooming perennial varieties that are drought tolerant, dianthus makes for a no-brainer addition to your low maintenance gardening desires.


There is a reason these flowers are such an enduring garden staple – they’re stunning! They make for beautiful borders, look lovely in pots, are great cut flowers & make an attractive contribution as a few stolen rows in the vegetable garden. I personally like a mixed variety, but with so many to choose from, no doubt you can find your new favorite color to plant.

Now let’s all collectively hope we’ve seen the end of these April snowstorms so we can get out & play in the dirt!