Sodding & Seeding

The goal is always the same: a lush, green lawn.

There are a couple of ways to achieve that goal. Factors such as cost, climate, slope and time frame all play a role in the decision to seed or sod new lawn. Lawns & Beyond creates beautiful and durable lawns with top-quality seeding and sodding in the Greater Charlottetown Area. Whether you’re installing a new lawn to empty soil or replacing an old, existing lawn, seeding and sodding are ways to install a new lawn quickly. Lawns & Beyond will work with you to learn exactly what your lawn needs are and recommend the right lawn installation for you.

Before we install your sod or seed, we make sure that your site is prepared using the following process.


Lawn clearing: We will clear out all existing grass, debris (etc.) and dispose of it properly.

Rough grade work: We use landscape grade for draining water away from building structures and general grading for core shape.

Top soil: Healthy grass needs at least 4” of topsoil to flourish.

Soil conditioning: This is the process of cultivating, tilling, or mixing the new soil into your existing sub-grade. We use power or hydraulic equipment specifically designed for this process.

Final grade work: We’ll add the final touches with the new soil, rake it, and roll it smooth in preparation for sod/seed installation.


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