Fertilizing your lawn

Fertilizing is important to overall grass health and is a very effective way to prevent weeds.

Fertilizing provides the nutrients for a healthy, thick lawn that out-competes weeds. We use premium slow release fertilizers that are much less likely to ‘burn‘ the lawn.

Fertilizers should be applied in the spring and fall and are best combined with lawn aeration to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Lime for your lawn

An application of pelleted lime is, in our opinion, one of the most cost-effective things you can do for your lawn. Lime can be applied in spring or fall but we prefer to apply it in fall since it takes approximately 6 months to break down and really get into the soil.

Lime reduces the acidity of the soil. By reducing the acidity of the soil, the soil becomes “sweeter”. Grass thrives in sweet soil, whereas weeds tend to thrive in sour (or Acidic) soil.

An application of lime in the fall also increases the effectiveness of fertilizer the following spring.

Discounted pricing applies when you choose an application of lime in addition to 1 or more of our services.

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