Lawn Maintenance

Our turf and lawn care services go above and beyond the regular care of your grounds to bring you incredible turf.

We can fill in any bare or brown areas, improve air and water circulation in the soil, keep your weeds under control, and increase resistance to environmental conditions, insects, and diseases.

At Lawns & Beyond, we take a holistic approach to turf care, which we believe works the best. Our lawn and turf care services are the most effective when completed together — standalone options may not achieve your desired results.

Lawn Mowing

We lead with excellence, and pride in our work. It shines through in every service. We use well-maintained equipment to mow, string trim, and edge your lawn. Before we go, we blow off all hard surfaces to remove grass blades and debris. We leave nothing behind except incredible results.

Top Dressing and OverSeeding

Sometimes, weeds, grubs, and fungi aren’t the issue — there are times when all your lawn really needs is some fresh seed & top dressing.

Topdressing is a nutrient-rich organic material layered on top of your grass. Doing this regularly helps to add soil back to your yard, which smooths bumps over time, and encourages lush, green growth.

Topdressing and soil amendments are both done to improve the condition of your soil; therefore, improving the condition of your lawn.

Our team will directly seed your existing turf and reduce the overall use of fertilizer. When combined with other turf and lawn services, you will see fewer bare spots and an increase in the density and colour of your lawn.


Established fertilizing routines can help you keep your plants and property looking healthier. At Lawns & Beyond, we will fertilize your lawn based on a seasonal schedule with a slow-release fertilizer blend containing high potassium for proper root development. It is important to do a soil test. This test tells us what your PH, organic matter, phosphorus and potash levels are at. The soil report will help us determine the amount of fertilizer and Lime that could possibly be needed.

Your turf will increase in density, colour, and resistance to disease and insect damage, while growing faster and stronger than ever before.

Core Aeration

Aeration is a crucial component of proper lawn care. Core aeration punches through thick layers of thatch and restores compact soil to a porous composition, allowing your grass to breathe. Better air and water circulation in the soil will improve the health and aesthetics of your lawn.

Aeration revives its ability to soak up heavy rains, and improved moisture retention helps grass stay green all summer—even through periods of drought.

Our thorough aeration process, when coupled with top dressing, will reduce turf compaction and thatch buildup, encourage deeper, more robust root systems, and prevent storm-water runoff and disease.

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