I can honestly say I’ve never been more thrilled by what I’m seeing emerging in the greater Landscape culture. Landscaping Trends for 2022 are all about finding the balance between comfort at home & preservation of our Global home. Intentional gardening, curated wilding, nature-scaping, none of these are particularly “new” ideas but they are gaining popularity among the masses & so we are going to be seeing these trends materialize  in a big way.

Blending of In & Out Doors

With people having spent more time at home the last few years, comfort & joy in your available space has taken a greater importance in our lives. The rise in avid indoor gardeners & houseplants is a reflection of our desires to be immersed in nature while inside. Now that the weather is warming we are seeing our desire to have the comfort & lounging we create inside our homes taken to the outdoors. We are going to be seeing the return of the pergola & soft lined patio structures as well as more hammocks will be popping up under trees & on patios. Making your outdoor space as practical & cozy as possible for unwinding.

Rich Colors & Vibrant Tones 

This is the year to choose boldly with your color pallets & am I ever excited about it! Bi color flowers, mixing yellows with deep pinks & purples, magentas & limes. Using plants with dark foliage to contrast against lighter flowering ones. This trend is all about adding positive energy to your landscape by  amplifying color. I’m also going to combine two other hot trends under this heading as both Dahlias & Tropicals lend themselves heavily to achieving this dynamic aesthetic.  I’ve personally always been a fan of this style as you can see by some of my custom made planters & Dahlia growing addiction.

Considering our Changing Climate

It has become more obvious to most that our climate is changing & landscaping trends are reflecting that by planning with an eye to the future. Using rock gardens & drought tolerant plant species, as well as those that are more fire resistant mitigate the need for excessive watering. They also help create a “break” for your property if ever it’s in a fire situation. On the other side of this coin is flooding & excessive rain issues, where permeable surfaces & erosion control live. Using principles from rain garden designs, swale beds & water loving plants help redirect flows & take advantage of pooling or standing water.

Native Species & Wildlife Planting 

More than ever the benefits of connecting with nature for our mental health has come to the forefront of many people’s minds & along with that, the realization that we are intrinsically connected to all the plants & creatures of this planet. Designing spaces that balance the needs of native plants & species with our desires to be immersed in them is making a triumphant return to popular landscape culture. It’s honestly thrilling to me as someone who worked in the Islands watershed community for many years. You can read more about these benefits in my Native Species post.

Edible Landscaping 

With the rising cost of everything, more people are attempting to grow at least some of their own food & along with that is incorporating edible landscaping into existing landscape beds. This is also achievable if  you have a good south facing window in your home or a small balcony. People are maximizing their spaces to integrate edibles. Affixing chicken wire to a patio railing for vining plants such as peas, pole beans & cucumbers is an efficient way to grow food in a small space & also creates a natural privacy screen at the same time. The addition of window boxes for herb planters allows you to have a sustainable supply of your favorite herbs while greening your space & enjoying the pleasing aromas they provide. I’ve been known to simply grow them in recycled mason jars in my windows & they’ve done quite well.

I’m feeling extremely hopeful about the current 2022 Landscape trends & with any luck the push towards a more ecological landscaping culture will take root & continue to grow in this more holistic direction for the future.