Let’s take a distilled look at the trends in landscaping for 2023.

The funny thing about trends is if you wait long enough, they come back around. So if you’ve maintained a classic cottage garden, man are you in luck because they are back in a big way! I for one am not disappointed at all. There is something very timeless & nostalgic about this aesthetic. Which is probably why it’s come back in popularity. It’s a casual sort of elevated wild look with a cohesive repeating color palette. Subtle gravel or irregular brick walkways,  fences, arbors, pergolas & bird baths. Very dreamy. Conveniently the plants that are the staples of this look are resilient, beautiful & well suited to our climate. Lilacs, bleeding hearts, rose bushes, hydrangeas & peonies are predominant favorites & have the added benefit of being perennial bloomers. Hollyhocks are also a standard fixture, these are a biannual bloomer. To ensure you get blooms each year simply offset your planting of them.

We are also seeing the awareness increase & continue to grow, about the importance of incorporating native plant species in our landscapes. We as a company have made the conscious choice for many years to not include potentially invasive plants in our design’s. Although many do confuse our beloved Karl Forrester Grasses as it’s look alike invasive. PEI has a good number of beautiful trees, shrubs & flowers to choose from in the native species category. Some of our favourites include coneflowers, staghorn sumac, swamp milkweed, bayberry & we’re big fern fans. Native plants have the beauty, & the major benefit to a home or business owner is the ease in which a native plant thrives in our environment. They often require less care or additives for their growth to be maintained simply because they have evolved to live here intentionally.

Another fun & interesting trend that’s taking root – yes I will continue to drop bad plant puns – is going by many names ; maximalist, wildscaping, meadowscaping,  among others. This is a versatile trend that allows one’s personal preferences to really come through. Beds are created with vibrancy & low maintenance in mind. While the layout must be properly considered to accommodate plant growth, the end goal is a more natural, unfussy look. It favours ornamental grasses like blue fescue & huron sunrise. Also incorporating herbs like lavender, for not just form but also function. As well as lots of colour, texture & a range of heights. Effectively turning your space into your new favourite meadow stroll.

Another big trend that almost all agree on is vertical landscaping and this is not just for those who are limited on space. Making use of available vertical space just makes sense & can also function as a real focal point or even living art. There is no shortage of techniques in this realm, merely limited by your imagination.

Decorated wall vertical garden idea in the city, Background.

All that being said, if you’re grabbing onto a landscaping style just because it’s trending, you may find yourself a bit dissatisfied in a few seasons. Consider the elements you genuinely enjoy from what is trending & then make them a cohesive part of your landscape. Leave yourself the opportunity to shift & add other future inspirations to your designs as well.