So you love the idea of a garden but just don’t get that glorious full day sun? Or maybe there’s a shady corner of your yard you’d love to perk up this season. We’ve got ya covered! These 10 shade loving plants will add a little love & life to those dark corners.

1. Astilbe

With beautiful plumes of feather-like flowers on deep green foliage, Astilbes (photo shown above) are a bright spot for any shade garden. Available in colors all across the spectrum from white to the deepest purple, hardy in zones 4-8, with size ranging from 1-3ft.

Varieties we like; Italian Ice cream, Fluffy, Black Pearls

2. Bleeding Hearts

Arching stems lined with rows of delicate looking heart shaped flowers emerge from blueish-green foliage early in the Spring & bloom till the heat of summer. Varieties come with flowers in solid white, deep pink & variations of the two, as well as purple. Hardy in zones 3-9, sizes range from 1-3ft tall.

Varieties we like; Alba, Cupids Bleeding Heart Trio, Bacchanal

3. Non Stop Begonias 

Non Stop Begonias have more but smaller flowers then their tuberous giant cousins & as their name implies, they bloom all season long. Perfectly happy to grow in a shaded garden bed, container, or hanging basket. These versatile beauties come in a wide range of colors with a variety of eye-catching foliage as well. They can be overwintered for season to season growing & sizes range from 8-12in.

Varieties we like; Fire, Yellow, Dragonwing Red

4. Coleus

As long as they are kept watered, Coleus will grow under any light conditions from full shade to full sun. The real intrigue of these plants is the incredible variety of colors & textures their leaves come in, the flowering is a bit more of an afterthought. While they can be taken indoors & enjoyed as a houseplant, these annuals come in sizes ranging from 8in-2ft & are great for a patio or garden bed.

Varieties we like; Chocolate Covered Cherry, Black Dragon, Limelight

5. Ferns

The genus of Ferns has a staggering variety so size & hardiness is individual to their species, but in general, they are shade lovers! They add lovely textures when interplanted with flowering plants, make for great borders or can fill the position of a focal point in any shade garden.

Varieties we like;  Cinnamon, Lady, Wood

6. Foxglove 

Foxglove is a classic garden & cutting flower with vivid, unique stacks of flowers supported on long stems, they appreciate the sun but will grow well in a partial shade environment. They have a biennial life cycle, flowering every second year & reaching heights of over 3ft.

Varieties we like; Polkadot Polly, Camelot Mix, Rose Shades

7. Heuchera 

Also known as Coral Bells, these versatile perennials have gorgeous foliage, little bell shaped flowers & while they will grow in the sun, they much prefer the shade. They also come in a wide variety of colors & variations, from deep purple-black, to rusty orange, to bright lime green. Many varieties are hardy from zones 4-9, and a mature mound can be as big as 3 feet wide.

Varieties we like; Black Pearl, Citronelle, Red Lightning

8. Hostas

Hostas are generally a staple in landscaping & some people think they are boring, but with literally 3000 varieties to choose from no doubt you can find one that catches your eye. Ranging from petite dwarf types to mammoths that can span several feet, hostas are tough & can withstand a lot of abuse – like run it over with a tractor & still survive, plant it in terrible soil & still survive, but shade is where they thrive.

Varieties we like; Blue Ivory, White Feather, Fragrant Bouquet

9. Helleborus

Personally I’m in love with the look of Hellebores, they have these enchanting downward facing flowers that bloom in early spring & they are hardy in zones 4-9. Many gardeners like to place them on shady hillsides or even hanging containers to better appreciate their blooms. They adapt very well to almost any soil conditions & are extremely easy to grow, making them an even more attractive addition to your landscape.

Varieties we like; Ivory Prince, First Dance, Romantic Getaway

10. Impatiens

Impatiens offer a beautiful floral display in any shady growing design. Adding color to a covered patio in hanging baskets or a cheery spot to catch the eye in those shady corners of your garden bed. Ranging in sizes from 6in – 3ft & available in a wide range of colors & mixes.

Varieties we like; New Guinea Walleriana, Xtreme Utopia Mix, Florific Red

With so many great & interesting options there’s even more reason to enjoy planting in the shade.