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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge to cut a lawn?

Lawns vary in size and shape and have many different attributes. The location, amount of trimming, cleanup and time required to complete the job, dictate the price. Minimum residential charge is $30/ per cut.

My lawnmower is broken, can I hire you until I get it fixed?

Certainly. That lawnmower breakdown may be one of the best things that ever happened to you. 9 times out of 10, our clients quickly get accustomed to enjoying their Saturdays at the beach or on the golf course and realize that by the time they run for fuel, maintain their mower, sharpen blades, change oil, worry if it is going to start, If it rains all weekend it’ll have to be raked……. It is definitely worth a few extra dollars to be worry free and enjoy their summer.

What forms of payment do you accept, and do you want to be paid every time?

We accept cash, cheque, e-transfer or credit card. Payments can be made on our website by clicking on Payments. Our customers have told us they prefer to receive a bill at the end of the month. Whatever works best for the customer. We are quite flexible.

How often do you come to cut the lawn?

As often as it needs it. In the spring, early summer and Fall , lawns need to be cut more frequently than in the heat of the summer or fall. You can count on 15 to 20 cuts per season.

What other kind of things do you do?

What would you like done? We will level sheds, skid steer work, grading, Lawn seeding, tree trimming, post holes, mulching, edging. If you need it done on your property, we can help you out.  

When should hedges be trimmed?

Hedge trimming should be done bi-annually.

Spring – hedges are trimmed to remove the winter damage, and prepare them for their growth phase.

Late Summer / early Fall (Jul-Sept) – is the best time for a second trimming, after maximum growth, when you can shape the hedges, so they will maintain their shape during their slower rate of growth.

I have a ride on, but I don't like to do the trim, will you just come and do the trim?

Yes, but it will probably cost the same as if we had cut the whole lawn.

Are you insured?


Lawn Care, Landscaping, Gardening – Tips and Tricks

  1. The best way to determine if you need to dethatch is to remove a small plug from the lawn and measure to see if the thatch layer is longer than 1″. If it is, then you better get started dethatching, your lawn is suffering.
  2. If you dethatch just prior to the grass’s prime growing season, your lawn should recover rather quickly
  3. Fertilizing provides the nutrients for a healthy, thick lawn that out-competes weeds
  4. It is best to combine fertilization with aeration for maximum effectiveness
  5. An application of lime in the fall also increases the effectiveness of fertilizer the following spring
  6. Keep your mower blades sharp. Dull blades tear the grass, contribute to poor lawn health and leave the lawn looking “yellow or brown”.
  7. Leave your lawn at least 3” in height, or even longer during hot dry weather.
  8. Don’t trim too short close to stone retaining walls in hot weather, the stone robs the ground of moisture and holds heat. This is not good for the grass.
  9. Applying a good thick coat of mulch to your gardens keeps weeds down and holds moisture for your plants.
  10. Leaving the grass clippings on your lawn provides nutrients to your lawn and is beneficial to its health.
  11. Watering your lawn early or late in the day reduces the amount of evaporation that takes place during the very hot day, allowing more water to reach the root zone.


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