Custom Container Planting Service

Our custom container planting service ensures you get exactly what you want and when you want with professional plant choice recommendations.  We do all the growing for you – so there is no waiting for the pots to fill in!

You may be interested in our custom container service if:

    • you don’t have the time or means to plant your containers
    • you don’t want the hassle of planting or growing them for yourself
    • you have an upcoming special event (e.g. wedding, reunion)

Whatever the case may be, we’re happy to help you create your ready-made container garden. We can plant your container exactly to your specifications, or we can help you make plant selections that will work for you.

We begin accepting orders as early as April. Although we can plant up your containers as late in the season as you like, bear in mind that your plant choices may be limited and the containers will take longer to fill in. Ideally, we like to have containers planted by mid- May so that they are nice and full by the time you want to place them outside (middle June, depending on your plants and location.)

How it Works

  1. Set up an appointment by emailing or calling us at
  2. Bring us your clean, empty pots. (Alternatively, we can offer you new ones for purchase.)
  3. Decide what colors, textures, and plants you want. Let us know if there are any plants you don’t want as well. (See the Factors to Consider)
  4. Choose a desired pick-up date.
  5. When your plants are ready, simply take home to maintain and enjoy!

Factors to Consider in Choosing Your Container Design

For maximum success, consider these factors when choosing your container plants:

  • What is the exposure? (sun, part sun, part shade, or shade)
  • What colors, in terms of flowers and foliage, do you like?
  • How much maintenance are you willing to do? (removing spent flowers, cutting back foliage, fertilizing, aphid control etc.)
  • How wide can the plants grow beyond the container? (Some plants can get as large as 4 feet wide!)
  • Do you have any other special considerations?